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Neighbors for Neighbors is a network in Clinton County, Ohio, created to help people throughout the community get connected and recieve support from their neighbors.

People of Clinton County are working together to ensure residents with different needs are being met through volunteers. Our goal with this initiative is to better connect the community by making sure everyone's needs are being fufilled. 


Neighbors for Neighbors matches volunteers with individuals in the community who need support. The process for match-making is all done throughout our website system. Members in need will fill out a service request for a task that needs to be taken care of, and volunteers can then choose tasks that they are interested in. 


Give support

Any interested individuals throughout Clinton County that want to make our community a better place are invited to apply. Once processed, volunteers will then be trained to give support, then will be able to choose tasks to complete. Tasks could take place anywhere throughout Clinton County.


Get support

Individuals in Clinton County that need support are invited to apply to become a member. Once membership is established, members can start requesting services. They will then be matched with a trained volunteer to help carry out services.These services can range from household tasks, errands, outside projects, social visits, transportation, and more.



Neighbors for Neighbors is a volunteer effort, facilitated by fellow community members coming together to ensure that everyone's needs can be met . While we commit to doing our best, we can not guarantee that all needs will be met. Nor can we assume responsibility for Neighbors for Neighbors volunteers and participants. We can (and do!) act in good faith that the people of Clinton County will be honest and kind to one another. 




Clinton County Neighbors for Neighbors     Tel  937 400 3220      Email