Neighbors for Neighbors is a network in Clinton County, Ohio, created to help neighbors connect during the COVID-19 epidemic so that no one in our community has to face this crisis alone.

People of Clinton County are working together to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by staying at home. This act saves lives. It also creates unique challenges for individuals who are more at risk of developing serious complications from COVID-19.

Match-making for health 

Neighbors for Neighbors matches volunteer low-risk individuals with higher-risk individuals who need support. Once a connection is made, matched individuals coordinate with one another to help ensure no-contact delivery of essential supplies and the practice of routine check-ins. 


Give support

Healthy adults under 60 whose COVID-19 risk factors are low will be paired with individuals who are more at risk of developing serious complications form COVID-19 to help ensure they receive no-contact delivery of essential supplies like food and toiletries. 

Get support
People with a higher risk to COVID-19 may need help getting things they need as we work together as a community to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic. If you or a loved one are vulnerable to serious illness from COVID-19 complications, please contact Neighbors for Neighbors.

Survey for Organizations

Please click on this LINK to take an organizational survey. Your participation in this survey will help shape how Clinton County responds to this crisis. Information provided will be shared with service providers and others to help ensure our community’s needs are addressed.


Neighbors for Neighbors is a volunteer effort, facilitated by fellow community members coming together to respond to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we commit to doing our best, we can not guarantee that all needs will be met. Nor can we assume responsibility for Neighbors for Neighbors volunteers and participants. We can (and do!) act in good faith that the people of Clinton County will be honest and kind to one another. 

Clinton County Neighbors for Neighbors     Tel  937 400 3220      Email hello@ccneighborsforneighbors.com